Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer Review

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer Review

I don’t often find myself getting excited about a pressure washer. To me, they exist to do a job you don’t usually want to do in the first place. But then, something like the Sun Joe SPX3000 comes along and I feel a surge of pleasure.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Basic Design & Specs

Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000

To look at the Sun Joe SPX3000, you wouldn’t guess that it packs a whole lot of goodness in such a modest space. It’s 15.6″ deep x 13.5″ wide x 33.9″ tall (assembled). Yet, it’s not so small that it will be unstable during use. That Goldilocks size means it will fit nicely in that unused corner in my garage.

Once I take it out, I don’t have to worry much about moving it where I need it. Some of that results from being easy to roll – and part of it is a low weight: 31 lbs. But it’s also a function of the long cord – a full 35 feet.

It’s also thanks to the long hose: 240 inches (20 feet). There’s a 34-inch extension on the spray wand to extend the reach even more. And, of course, you can extend that quite a lot by using a very long garden hose to attach to the unit.

By the way, if you’re at all concerned about using an electric device around water, don’t be. These things are all perfectly sealed. Also, the TSS (Total Stop System) ensures that when you release the trigger, not just the water stops but the pump also.

In addition, there’s a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) on the end of the plug. If anything ever does go wrong, the juice flips itself off before there’s any damage to the unit or your home. A cord lock makes sure everything is snug, too.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure, Hose, and Tank

As if that weren’t good enough, I don’t really need to get all that close to the thing that needs to be cleaned. I mentioned already the length of the hose: 240 inches. But there’s more: the high pressure.

That’s an especially good thing in my case. I have a boathouse on my property with a roof about 20 feet high. Cleaning under the eaves used to be a major pain. With the pressure supplied by the SPX3000 – 2,030 PSI – it’s no longer a chore.

But that high pressure is a little surprising since the hose diameter is a largish 0.591 inches. That combo implies that Sun Joe didn’t sacrifice flow to get high pressure. No doubt, some of that is owing to the 14.5 amp / 1800 watt motor, but that’s a pretty standard spec on powerful units so something else is going on.

If you’re not familiar with how that works, just consider the following experiment. When you open the faucet on your ordinary garden hose, the water flows out evenly. If you attach a tip with a smaller opening, it sprays out farther. That’s the result of trading off some flow to get a higher pressure, making the water shoot farther.

Here, with the Sun Joe SPX3000, the company has kept the flow rate very healthy – 1.76 GPM (gallons per minute), while still retaining very good pressure. For a home unit, and an electric one at that, that’s impressive.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Nozzles

Sun Joe SPX3000-TPS Quick-Connect Spray Tip

Sun Joe SPX3000-TPS Quick-Connect Spray Tip

They went beyond that to realize that it’s not just how much – or even how hard – the water flows to get the job done. It’s partly a function of the shape of that water. So, Sun Joe wisely included five separate tips for a variety of cleaning tasks.

Those run from 0° to 15°, 25°, and 40° and there’s also a quick-connect Soap tip. Naturally, the maximum pressure rating applies only to that narrowest tip, but the fan-spray of the largest still offers plenty of oomph.

All of the connectors sit in a row on the back of the unit where they can be easily accessed when needed. And they pop off and on easily. Spraying down my 8 foot by 30-foot brick patio takes only one pass and only a few minutes.

There are dual cleaning tanks, each one 0.9 liters. Each one is removable from a snug holder. And you can easily control how much soap / specialized cleanser you want to use if any. Switch between soap types, between ordinary detergent or special cleaning liquid – even in the middle of a job. The detergent selection dial makes it simple to select the concentration.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Installation and Use

The one thing that pops off and on a little too easily, perhaps, is the connector for the garden hose. It’s plastic and not always very well made. I prefer a brass connector. Luckily, those are not hard to obtain. A Universal Pressure Washer Garden Hose Quick Connect Kit from Amazon (Powerwasher 80006) costs only about $10 and works well with this model.

On the upside, putting the SPX3000 all together is practically effortless. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, even for me. They’re also not really necessary. Everything here is so simple and well designed that getting the pressure washer ready for use requires only a little common sense. If it takes 30 minutes, you probably are the type (like me, with bookcases) who just need a little help.

One other advantage of this model, as an electric unit, there’s nearly zero maintenance. I don’t have to worry about fuel, air filters, spark plugs, and all that. Just plug it into a standard 120V home outlet and press the button. If you need super-high pressure, by all means, a gas-powered pressure washer is the way to go. Otherwise, save yourself the trouble.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Buying Guide

The Sun Joe SPX3000 isn’t the tool to use if you want to scour old paint off the house in preparation for a new coat. But for those medium-duty cleaning jobs – freshening up the siding, cleaning the patio, scouring dirty tires, and the rest – it gets the job done and done well.


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