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29.07.2021 14:28:05 Voodoojind:

The subtle thing that is missed here is the banding on her chest. Japanese gang girls back in the day wore long skirts, used medical face masks, and bounded their chest down to fight the discrimination and sexualization of jpn school girls, they also got into fights to fight the image that girls are to be meek. So yeah, this particular one does show skin but it was done to show she had bound her chest down, if this was echii style she would have water balloons as breasts with huge shot at the cleavage >.>


31.07.2021 14:23:24 Tojajora:

Meu deus, vc eh perfeita!


31.07.2021 19:50:05 Guktilar:

Oh kira you are so just so fucking hot ! Wow stunner ! :)


01.08.2021 21:07:45 Fenrishakar:

What a stunning couple, I'm in love or something spelt a bit like it! X


04.08.2021 3:25:35 Kagazahn:

I think this is best movie that you both have made, 10/10. The ending was particularly hot!

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