How To Choose The Best Pressure Washer

If you are planning to buy the best pressure washer then you are reading the right blog. Choosing a good pressure washer is necessary because a good, well-functioning and durable pressure washer can help you save up on money on car wash, machine wash, tractor wash or any other cleaning needs you might have depending on what industry or specific purpose you are in. Aside from saving money on having to pay for those services, you also save money on water, electricity and time. You are able also to make your time more effective because getting a good pressure washer would mean you-do-it yourself aside from traveling all the way up to the washers and back home or to your business again. Here are the basic kinds pressure washers around to help you find the best pressure washer for you.

The best pressure washer for you


They are the big guns of pressure washers. If you are in to the farming industry and you own a tractor or large machinery then you should choose the bigger pressure washers with a much more powerful pump to assure you those squeaky clean results. Manufacturers and industrial needs are much different from home use. They usually deal with chemicals and a lot of hardened grease that are often very difficult to wash and can’t be handled by mere soap, water and scrub. The best pressure washer out there is made for this special purpose.

Home Use

Now there are two kinds of home-use pressure washers. These are electronic pressure washers and hand pump pressure washers. They are cheap compared to other pressure washers that are for commercial and/or industrial use. We will discuss more about the two and the main uses for home-use pressure washers are usually made for car-washes or other washes for your home.

Electronic pressure washers are those that require electricity to function. They are more effective as to the cleaning time because you just plug and play with no hassle at all. Electronic pressure consume just minimal electricity less than your standard central home air-conditioning system,

Hand pump pressure washer is the best pressure washer in our opinion since it saves you in electricity but you have to do it yourself. These pressure washers come in a level device which you pump to get the water out. These are usually what home-owners prefer because aside from good exercise, you are able to save more on water because you only pump water as needed. But then again hand pump pressures washers are now considered obsolete are mainly use for mode of delivering pesticide.

Semi-commercial or Industrial

I say semi because they are pressure washers that are often used by commercial buildings or establishments. They are easy to use, portable but deliver just enough pumps to clean those doors and high up windows. You might notice them on T.V. or when you go visit the city, a lot of cleaning janitorial services use these as their best pressure washer to do the job.

Personal use

I say personal because there are pressure pumps out there that are very small and very portable. They don’t give enough pressure to clean an entire car but they are just enough to get you through those small cleaning needs like cleaning your shoes or other personal items.

To conclude, it’s best to canvass first in your local home and industrial ware dealer first to get the best pressure washer that suits just for you.

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